Try It Review: Safe Driver Vehicle Monitor

1:13 PM, Jan 18, 2012   |    comments
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Safe Driver by Lemur
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  • KENNESAW -- Seventeen year-old Corey has been driving about two months. Although he hasn't had any problems his mother, Patty Garrett, still worries.

    "I get nervous about him going on his own," she said, "but so far so good."

    She has good reason to be concerned because motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teens. Also one-in-four teenagers have an accident their first year of driving.

    Safe Driver by Lemur is a wireless vehicle monitor that keeps tabs on your teen's driving habits.

    "For me, as a parent, it's a great idea to just kind of monitor how he is driving while I'm not able to be in the car with him," she said.

    Corey isn't as keen about the idea but in this house Mom makes the rules.

    To setup - insert the Safe Drive Sensor into the car's OBD port which is located under the dash.

    Then Patty synchronized the wireless key fob to the sensor. She entered a secret PIN number so only she is able to reset the display.

    The devise has a tamper alert if anyone unplugs the sensor or enters an incorrect PIN.

    Now as Corey drives around, the Safe Driver records the miles driven, his maximum speed and any sudden braking - which might be a sign of distracted driving.

    To test that out, Corey found a safe area and slammed on the brakes. Sure enough, the Safe Driver displayed a sudden braking.

    When Corey gets home his mom reviews the report to see how he did.

    For four weeks Patty and Corey used the monitor, and then we checked back.

    Corey admitted the device made him a more cautious driver.

    "It did help me because I did think in the back of my head I know I can't do this," said Corey. "I know when I get back home I gotta' make sure I did everything right so my Mom doesn't yell at me."

    Patty said the Safe Driver gave her more peace of mind.

    "It gives me the security of being able to see what's happening when I'm not with him," she said.

    The Safe Driver retails for about $70.

    "Our rating for the Safe Driver," said Patty "is two thumbs up."

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