Try It Review: Tasitwave Cookware

12:43 PM, Feb 23, 2011   |    comments
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Tastiwave Cookware

STONE MOUNTAIN -- When it comes to cooking in the microwave oven, Wanda McKay is like most of us and only uses it to reheat leftovers and make popcorn.

She wouldn't think of cooking something like hamburgers in it.

"Never," said Wanda. Her biggest concern is that the meat won't brown and it will taste bland.

The Tastiwave cookware by Chef Tony claims it can cook your favorite foods in microwave speed but with conventional oven taste.

So we spent $40 plus shipping and handling for the six piece set and Wanda tried out some of the recipes.

After heating up the base unit for two and 1/2 minutes, Wanda dropped in her hamburger paddies and cooked for three and 1/2 minutes just like the recipe said.

"It's still not ready," she said after checking the food.

Wanda zapped her burgers for a couple more minutes before they were done.

Then Wanda gave it the taste test. "I like it," she said.

How about a plate of hot chicken wings?

Wanda normally bakes her wings for an hour or more. But with the Tastiwave, she microwaved a half-dozen wings for six minutes then let them stand covered for five more.

"It's done and it's tasty," she said, "believe it or not, it's tasty."

What we weren't believing is that the Tastiwave can make a delicious beef stew in just nine minutes.

After browning the beef cubes for a few minutes, Wanda added a soup mixture and frozen vegetables and cooked for seven more minutes.

The results were shall we say "different."

"It's kinda' soupy," said Wanda.

In fairness the recipe recommends you add noodles or rice after cooking to thicken up the stew.

"The meat is not as tender as beef stew should be," said Wanda.  She did add that the vegetables and broth were very good.

While Wanda liked how the Tastiwave quickly microwaves food with improved texture and flavor, she warned some recipes turn out better than others.

"For the Tastiwave," Wanda said, "my rating is one thumb up and one thumb down."

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