Try It Review: ShoeDini Shoehorn

10:55 AM, Jan 26, 2011   |    comments
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ShoeDini Shoehorn

MARIETTA -- The ShoeDini claims to be the world's first shoehorn that helps you easily get your shoes on and off.

Sinead Cochran remembers her father always using a shoehorn when she was a child.  So if this telescoping version really can help slip shoes on with ease without bending or reaching she's willing to give it a shot.

"I'm skeptical but I'm thinking like after I did the Three Day (Cancer Walk) I was too tired to bend over and put anything on my feet so I would have tried it," she said.

Sinead used the $10 device to put on and take off different pairs of shoes. But the ShoeDini seemed to take longer than just putting her shoes on normally.

"I'm thinking this is more work than it is to bend over and put your shoes on personally," she said. "You really have to focus."

Sinead says while the telescoping handle is a good idea the problem is the clip on the back of the shoe horn that hardly helps in taking off your shoes and mostly gets in the way.

Sinead calls the ShoeDini a burden, not a help.

"I'm thinking this is too thick, whereas the back of a woman's shoe is very narrow, this clip on the back, all it does is cause more problems than it's worth," Sinead said. "It's harder to put them one with it than it is without it.

Sinead's rating? "I would say two thumbs down."

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