Try It Review: Bagel Biter Bagel Guillotine

10:45 AM, Jan 20, 2011   |    comments
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Bagel Guillotine by Bagel Biter

JOHNS CREEK -- Invented in Poland 400 years ago, this tasty ring of chewy dough comes in dozens of varieties and has lots of uses. No wonder the Bagel is so popular.

"What's there not to like about bagels?" asked Marci Rudolph. "They're good. They're good cool. They're good toasted. You can make sandwiches with them. You can have them as a side. It's a very versatile food."

Marci and her family are wild about bagels. She buys them fresh from the bakery and ready to slice. But slicing with a knife makes Marci nervous.

According to government reports almost 2000 people a year are rushed to the emergency room for "BRI's". That official speak for "bagel related injuries".

The Bagel Guillotine by Bagel Biter claims it will slice your bagels with ease and keep you out of the ER.

Marci thought it looked promising.

"I like the fact that I can just drop the bagel in and slice it and it doesn't get on my hands," she said, "and it looks like it should do an even cut."

So we picked up a bunch of bagels and Marci got slicing.

"Oh and it fits in," she said as she dropped in a bagel "and done. Oh wow."

"It was so much easier just to drop it in, slice it and done," Marci said. "I don't have topping all over my hands."

Clear acrylic safety shields keep the patented piercing blade safely away from fingers. The bagel is held in a plastic cradle where it is split with one quick slice.

"I like that it's fast. It's easy. It doesn't make a huge mess," Marci said. "And I don't have to threaten my hand with a knife."

Cleanup's easy, the unit is dishwasher safe.

"My rating for the Bagel Guillotine," Marci said, "is two thumbs up."

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