Try It Review: Foot Operated Log Splitter

3:36 PM, Jan 18, 2011   |    comments
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Fireplace Friend Foot Operated Log Splitter

CHAMBLEE -- Lee Ann Zavosky enjoys spending time by the warm fire in her patio fireplace. To save money, she chops up her own firewood.

"We just use an ax and try to get it into smaller pieces so we can fit it in the chimania," she said.

So she got really excited when she saw the Fireplace Friend Foot Operated Log Splitter from Quality Craft that claims it can spit those logs without you working up a sweat.

"I saw this and I thought what a great thing to do," she said, "because sometimes using an ax is a little difficult."

After opening the box, Lee Ann was encouraged with the unit's construction.

"It's pretty heavy," she said.  "That's good though, it's sturdy."

Putting it together was a snap. There's only one piece to attach.

But Lee Ann quickly found out this log splitter is only for small pieces of wood.

"This log doesn't fit," she said.  "So there's a limit the size obviously of what kind of log you can put on here."

The directions say the maximum log size is 18 inches long and a 10 inch diameter. So Lee Ann dropped in a smaller log.

The car jack action is supposed to exert one and a half tons of pressure to quickly split your log.  But this gadget just didn't have the muscle to get the job done.

"I just can't do anything with it," she said.

Things went from bad to worse when the unit broke in three place before Lee Ann had split a single log. 

"That was welded into there and that broke off," said Lee Ann pointing to a broken support.

"That broke right off the back end," she said referring to an rear screw. 

"It felt good and sturdy like it would work but I don't think the welds are very good," she said, "because it did break pretty easily."

While Lee Ann's disappointed she'll still be swinging an ax, she's glad she got to try it before spending the $100 retail.

"For the Foot Operated Log Splitter," she said, "I give it a two thumbs down."

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