Try It Review: Money Machine Coin Bank

10:31 AM, Jan 5, 2011   |    comments
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Money Machine Coin Bank

MARIETTA -- In these tight times when every penny counts, having loose change piling up in boxes and jars is money that could be put to better use.

Even at age 10, Christina Wall is learning how to budget her weekly allowance.

"I get $8 every week and I have to give $1 to college and $1 to my church."

So the Money Machine coin bank by Jobar sounded like a good idea to Christina. It claims that it electronically counts every coin as you deposit them.

So Christina gathered up some change and tried it out.

Problems popped up right away when Christina discovered pushing the coins through the slot isn't easy.

"It's kind of hard to get in there," she said.

Also the sound of the coins dropping is pretty loud. In fact it was so loud it upset the family dog Holly, who jumped every time Christina deposited a coin.

"Holly doesn't like it," she said.

It looked like it was working though. As Christina put each coin in, the LED screen flashed the value of the coin and then gave a running total of what was in the bank.

The Money Machine claims it can count up to $999.99, but it's hard to imagine the small jar could hold that much.

Finally Christina had all of her change deposited inside. The Money Machine showed the total was $11.46.

Then Christina poured the coins out and added them up herself. To our surprise the Money Machine's math was not too good.

"We counted it and it was $10.94," she said.

Christina thought the device had a lot going against it.

"It doesn't give you the right amount," she said, "and it's hard to get in and it's loud."

So at $10 retail, Christina thought the Money Machine was a waste of money.

"For the Money Machine," she said, "my rating is two thumbs down."

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