Try It Review: Web Runner Remote Control Spider

1:09 PM, Dec 9, 2010   |    comments
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Web Runner Remote Control Spider
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  • MARIETTA -- "We are under attack," the TV commercial screams. " The Web Runners are among us."

    The Web Runner by Fantasma Toys is billed as the first ever remote control Black Widow spider that can defy gravity by crawling on the floor, the wall and the ceiling.

    Sophie Pepsoski and Christina Wall may be fifth grade girls but they're not afraid of spiders and the Web Runner sounds pretty amazing to them.

    "I've never really seen anything that could do all that stuff," said Sophie.

    So after putting the six AA batteries into the remote control and charging up the spider, they were ready to take her out for a spin.

    The Web Runner scooted across the floor and spun wildly around.

    "There's two control systems," said Sophie. "This is to go forward and this is to go backward."

    "And with this one you can make it spin that or that way," Christina added.

    The eyes glow red and the legs move but our testers wanted to see if the arthropod really can cling to any smooth surface. So Christina switches the spider from ground to wall mode and turns it loose.

    Sure enough, it began to climb up the wall.

    "It's cool," Christina said. "It really works."

    Scaling the wall is one thing but the ten year-olds wanted to see if the Web Runner really could crawl around the ceiling. So Sophie went up the stair well and put the spider on the ceiling.

    Amazingly the toy began to crawl and spin upside down.

    "It's cool how it can go on the ceiling like usually it would just fall off," said Sophie.

    Actually a fan inside the body creates a suction that holds it to the wall. It's not quiet, so there's no way this eight legged predator will be sneaking up on anyone.

    "It's kind of loud," said Christina.

    "Yeah it sounds like a vacuum cleaner," said Sophie.

    Still our two testers didn't seem to mind. They say this $40 toy would be a hit with kids of any age. Although we have seen it on sell for $30.

    "Even your older brother could enjoy it," said Sophia. "He wouldn't think it's babyish because it's cool."

    "For the Web Runner our rating is two thumbs up."

    Web Runners are sold in stores at Radio Shack and Target. They can be found on-line at Amazon and the Fantasma Magic web site.

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