Try It Review: Page Brite

10:37 AM, Dec 8, 2010   |    comments
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Page Brite

MARIETTA -- Penny Caudell loves to read but like we all discover as we move past age 40, focusing on the fine print isn't as easy as it used to be.

It's called presbyopia and what it means is blurry vision, eye stain and the need for reading glasses.

"Reading glasses," she said, "I really hate to have to look for the reading glasses."

For just $10, Page Brite claims it will instantly relieve eye strain in the dark. The page size device features a large plastic magnifying lens and four LED lights that are supposed to make things look up to 3X bigger.

Penny thought it looked promising.

"It looks good," she said. "It looks like a good page size."

We asked Penny to try and read a book without her reading glasses, but she could only pick out a couple of words.

"I really can't see it that well," she said.

Then she tried reading with the Page Brite. While Penny discovered it does magnify the page she said it's kind of awkward.

"You have to kind of get it just right," she said.

Even worse Penny looked like she was still straining to read.

"Yes, I am straining," she admitted.

The problem is if you lay the Page Brite on top of the book you don't get much magnification but once you lift it up, only the text in the center of the lens is readable.

"The Page Brite distorts in the corners and you have to hold it," Penny said. "It doesn't really prop on the book well. I would prefer the glasses."

Penny decided she will just have to make sure she reads under a bright lamp and keeps her reading glasses close at hand.

"For the Page Brite," she said, "I would give it two thumbs down and I would stick with my glasses."

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