Try It Review: Cuisinart Electric Knife

11:11 AM, Nov 19, 2010   |    comments
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Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife
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  • MARIETTA -- After frying his holiday turkey, Pat Cochran is getting hungry and ready to eat but first he needs to carve the bird.

    He's a real outdoorsman so there's no surprise what his weapon of choice is.

    "I like a chef's knife," he said, "a real sharp chef's knife is what I usually use."

    While Pat's pretty handy with a knife, a lot of us need the power of an electric knife to get the job done.

    Cuisinart claims its CEK-40 Electric Knife is state-of-the-art and guaranteed to please. But at $50 retail it's not the cheapest blade on the shelf.

    Pat said he'd be open to trying it.

    "If it's easier, yes I'll use it sure," he said. "I like my knives, I like my sharp knives but I would use an electric knife."

    Right from the first cut the Cuisinart knife looks like a winner. The blade quickly and expertly cut through the meat.

    Pat was pleased. "Very nice," he said, "cuts very nicely."

    The set also comes with a bread knife that slices bread like a pro.

    Pat said there was a lot to like. "The ease of cutting," he explained. "It has enough power. It just glides through the meat. It glides through the bread."

    The set comes with a butcher block storage tray that can go in a drawer, but also stands up if your prefer setting it on the counter.

    Pat was impressed with all the thoughtful details.

    "The blades are nice and sharp, good feel to the handle," he said. "I like the safety feature, you can lock it on and off so it can't turn on by accident."

    Pat's rating? "It's a thumbs up."

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