Try It Review: Turkey Lifters

11:47 AM, Nov 18, 2010   |    comments
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Turkey Lifters

MARIETTA -- After spending hours preparing and roasting your holiday turkey, the next step is getting it onto the serving platter.

Maureen Cochran uses a large serving fork to pick up the hot, heavy bird. But often that doesn't work, like when she tried to transfer a 17 pound turkey.

"See how heavy," she said, "I can't even move it."

Maureen tried again with two hands. Unfortunately the bird was still too hot to hold.

"It's too hot for me," she said. "I'm already hurting, burning my fingers there."

We wondered if the Turkey Lifters by Bed, Bath and Beyond are the answer to our dilemma. They're made of stainless steel and are supposed to hold up to a 30 pound bird. They sell for only $8.

Maureen tried again with the Turkey Lifters. She slid the forks under the bird and quickly and easily moved it to her serving tray.

"That is nice," she said. "It was just effortless to move it from this container to the platter."

Maureen was definitely sold. She said you could also use the lifting forks for a beef roast, baked hen or a ham.

"Anything of any size that needs to be lifted out or transferred from the cooking vessel to the serving platter," she said. "Perfect."

Clean up is a snap, because they're dishwasher safe.

Maureen wishes somebody had told her about the Turkey Lifters years ago.

"For the Turkey Lifters," she said, "I give them two thumbs up."

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