Try It Review: Oxo Good Grips Fat Separator

12:47 PM, Nov 17, 2010   |    comments
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Oxo Good Grips Fat Separator

MARIETTA -- What is a holiday meal without the gravy? Turkey stock is a big part of the turkey gravy, as is beef stock for beef gravy and chicken stock for chicken gravy.

If you like it fresh, chances are you use the drippings from the meat as part of your gravy.

That's what Sinead Cochran likes to do.

"What is I do is when I'm cooking a chicken or a turkey, I save all the juices, put it in the refrigerator, let it sit overnight," she explained. "Then I take it out and spoon all the fat off the top of it and used the broth afterwards."

That's one way to do it. Let it congeal so that the grease is on top.

Good Grips has another way to do it with the Oxo Good Grips Fat Separator that sells for about $15.

"If it works, I think it's worth it," said Sinead. "I would pay for it."

So Sinead put the heat resistant strainer on top of the four cup container and poured her chicken drippings into it. The strainer caught chunks of meat that Sinead didn't even realize were in the broth.

After the broth had settled, she removed the stopper from the spout and poured the lower fat broth into another container.
Sinead was impressed. "You can definitely see the difference," she said.

The utensil is made of plastic but is supposed to be dishwasher safe.

Her only concern was all the extra steps and utensils.

"You've dirtied up a whole lot more dishes," she said, "and when you're cooking a big dinner your dishwasher's already full."

So for Sinead the Oxo Good Grips Fat Separator is a mixed bag. It works great but also means extra work.

"I would give it one thumb up and one thumb down," she said.

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