Try It Review: Remote Cooking Thermometer

12:54 PM, Nov 15, 2010   |    comments
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Redi Check Remote Cooking Thermometer by Maverick

MARIETTA -- If you're hoping your holiday meal looks like a Hollywood production, wouldn't it be nice to have a personal chef in the kitchen to insure the turkey is cooked to perfection?

Unfortunately most of us are on our own, praying we won't be the turkey on the big day.

Maureen Cochran has cooked a bird or two over the years. She says keeping an eye on the internal temperature is the key to knowing when it's done.

"I love the turkeys with the little pop ups, but sometimes they get stuck and they don't pop up," she said. "So I usually do a double. I have a turkey with the pop up and I'll double check it with a meat thermometer."

We asked Maureen to check out the Redi Check Remote Cooking Thermometer by Maverick that claims it can untether you from the oven.

The $40 set comes with digital transmitter that connects to an electronic food probe. There's also a wireless receiver that can be programmed it for six kinds of meat including beef, pork, veal, lamb, chicken and turkey.

"It's an easy on-off and it's easy to program," said Maureen.

She programmed the Redi Check to 173 degrees and popped her turkey into the oven. The unit is supposed to transmit cooking information up to 100 feet away.

"Take this, it has a little clip on, go out, sit on the patio, have a margarita," she laughed, "come back pull your turkey out."

Maureen even went down the street to a neighbor's house without a worry.

After about four hours, the Redi Check sounded the alarm that the turkey was ready.

"That was fabulous," said Maureen. "I was not even in the kitchen when it happened."

The Redi Check requires four AAA batteries that are included in the kit.

"The Redi Check Remote Thermometer is an excellent product," Maureen said. "I would give it a two thumbs up."

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