Try It Review: Halloween Make Up Kits

5:26 PM, Oct 28, 2010   |    comments
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Halloween Makeup Kits

SANDY SPRINGS -- If your little trick or treaters are not sure what they want to be for Halloween, we searched for some safe ideas for you. While the Freddie Kruger and Mike Meyer masks are still hot choices, they can really make the kids too warm and aren't the safest.

"I know from experience, the masks are not cool," said Connor Hild, an 8th grader at Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic School in Sandy Springs. "They get pretty hot and they never cut the eye pieces right. It's hard to see."

There are so many choices, what are parents to do? You don't have to be too creative to try the face paints and they are pretty inexpensive. Everything is supposed to be right in the packages.

"They sell a lot of masked the same," said Emma McCabe. "The kids just have the same masks so it's hard to tell who's who and the makeup is fun to do."

We found some second graders, Ruth and Matthew, and paired them with some 8th grade buddies, Emma and Conner. We gave them 30 minutes to make it happen and get creative.

Ruth wanted to be a clown so Emma used the Super Value Makeup Set that we found at CVS Pharmacy for less than $10. The kit comes with more than a dozen colors, glitter, application sponges, even fake blood.

Matthew was thinking he'd like to be a pirate.  For that Connor used The Pirates Curse Makeup Kit.

It includes Soft and flexible teeth, three makeup colors, a sponge and brush, and beaded hair with clips. The kit costs less than five dollars.

While the Pirate kit had instructions on how to apply the makeup, the Super Value set only had some photographs on the front but no instructions.

The makeup is supposed to clean up with soap and water.

The kids seem to have fun and the outcome is pretty dependant on the ability of the user.

Matthew was happy with his pirate look. "It's awesome," he said. " I like it."

Connor said even though he had no experience in applying makeup it wasn't very hard. "It's pretty easy," he said.

Ruth didn't end up looking much like the clown in the picture but she was happy with the outcome.

"It wasn't really what I was going for but I can see it," said Emma. "It's almost like she's wearing glasses. I think it was just my artistic skills."

We added some safety touches like the flashing and glowing jewelry so they can be seen at night.

"I think it's really safe," said Matthew.

So what do our testers think of the face painting kits and the safe supplies?

"For safe Halloween products like these," they said, "we give it two thumbs up."

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