Try It Review: Shed Vac

12:17 PM, Oct 20, 2010   |    comments
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Shed Vac Grooming System
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  • ATLANTA -- Like most pet owners, Susan Tauber thinks her two dogs, Maggie and Caicos, are special. But she's right. They're therapy dogs, specially trained to work with disabled children.

    "Children just are magnets to them," Susan explains, "they sometimes will have children say their first words to them."

    But what isn't special is all the hair that these golden labs shed on Susan's floors. She has to vacuum twice a day.

    "This is just what we collected yesterday," Susan said as she held up a huge ball of fur.

    The Shed Vac claims it's a professional style, vacuum powered grooming system that lifts and traps shedding hair to keep you home clean.

    After popping in three AA batteries, Susan put this $20 gadget to work.

    "Does that feel good?" Susan asked Maggie as she began to brush.

    The Shed Vac has rubberized bristles that are supposed to gently massage your pet while it brushes away loose hair.

    The soft noise the fan made did not concern the dogs. "Maggie likes it a lot," Susan said.

    The fan vacuums up the hair while you brush and before long the unit was full of hair.

    "It is gentle," Susan said, "because one of my concerns - was it going to pull their hair - and it doesn't."

    Still Susan wondered just how thorough the Shed Vac is. So she went over the same area with the Furminator de-shedding tool. And she brushed up a lot of hair that the Shed Vac left.

    "It stirs up the fur but doesn't really do a deep cleaning, which is what causes shedding," Susan said. "The shedding comes from the underneath hair. So if I just relied on the Shed Vac I would still have the same amount of shedding that I've had."

    So while Maggie and Caicos enjoyed the pleasant massaging action, Susan says if you're looking for relief from shedding . . . look elsewhere.

    Their rating? "One paw up and one paw down."

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