Try It Review: Hanky Tanky Hanger

9:41 AM, Oct 19, 2010   |    comments
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Hanky Tanky Hanger
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  • BUCKHEAD -- Amanda Meredith is an Atlanta actress who always looks fabulous when she's out and about.

    "I love clothes," She said. "That's something I'm very passionate about."

    But the small closets in her apartment just can't hold her growing wardrobe.

    "I've got wrinkled items and no space for more because you know I love to shop," she said.

    She's tried different closet organizers but has always been disappointed. One she is using now keeps falling to the floor.

    The Hanky Tanky Hanger claims it can triple your closet space and hold up to 12 garments on a single hanger.

    Hangers sell for $15 each or two for $25 plus shipping and handling.

    Amanda was eager to give it a try but first she had to put the plastic hanger together. She found it difficult to push the rods through the central post.

    "That's not easy," she said. "I would have to enlist a man's help," she decided. Finally friend got the hanger together.

    Still Amanda thought the tight fit is part of the design.

    "I think they do that so that it doesn't move around which I think is good," she said. Plus she added you only have to put it together once.

    The hanger is made right here in the U.S.A. and comes in black, white, red and pink.

    It's supposed to be perfect for tank tops, lingerie, swim suits and short sleeve blouses.

    Amanda warns it probably won't work on long sleeve shirts. "I can't see putting long sleeves on here," she said.

    There's no room in Amanda's closet for her pants so she stuffs hers into a dresser. She really liked how she could hang several pairs on the Hanky Tanky Hanger, which is supposed to hold up to 25 pounds.

    "For long pants and long skirts, good, it's perfect," she said.

    Amanda thought the Hanky Tanky Hanger would be especially helpful for college students or apartment dwellers with small closets, in children's rooms and for travelers who want a handy way to transport cloths.

    "For the Hanky Tanky Hanger, I give it a thumbs up."

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