Try It Review: Slim Ts

11:43 AM, Oct 18, 2010   |    comments
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Slim Ts Men's Body Shaping Tank Top
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  • BUCKHEAD -- It's been a long journey but Jamie Miles is proud to say he's an actor and model. A year and a half ago he began his journey to lose weight and get healthy.

    "I saw a picture of myself and when I saw that photo," Jamie remembers. "I was . . . wow, something's got to change. And I decided to have lap band surgery."

    Jamie has done great of losing weight and getting his blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

    "I am down 93 pounds," Jamie said.

    But he still has a bit of a bulge he can't quite get rid of.

    "Still got the little love handles here," Jamie said as he pinched his side. 

    Slim Ts says it's a men's body shaping tank top that makes you look pounds thinner and inches smaller.

    The lightweight undergarment offers support with the unique Spandex-blend fibers that slim your waist, flatten your stomach area, conceal your love handles and give extra lift and shaping to your chest.

    Jamie liked the look of the 12 firming panels.

    "It's a little bit thicker than I thought it would be," Jamie said.

    The directions say step into it and pull it up over your chest. So Jamie headed to the bedroom and slipped it on.

    Jamie liked his new look. "I can't pinch like I could before," Jamie said referring to his love handles. "It's definitely there but it's not anywhere like it was before."

    Jamie said the tight fit does feel strange at first. "At first I wasn't crazy about it," he said, "but I'm kind of getting used to it now. It's not bad."

    In addition to helping him look slimmer, Jamie thought his posture was improved.

    "I think it would be great when going out to dinner," he said. "Or if you're going on a casting call and you want to feel a little slimmer, a little tighter."

    No surgery, no diets and no exercise, is the Slim Ts worth $20 plus shipping and handling to make you look slimmer?

    Jamie thought so. "I will definitely give it two thumbs up."

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