Try It Review: Finishing Touch

9:33 PM, Oct 11, 2010   |    comments
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Finishing Touch

BUCKHEAD -- Since she became a new mommy a year and a half ago, Samantha Welch admits it's harder to get to the salon to have her eyebrows waxed.

"My eyebrows get really scruffy looking," she said.

So that means Samantha must endure painful tweezing. 

"I try and pluck and then I cry because it hurts," she said.

Finishing Touch by Lumina promises pain free hair removal from even the most sensitive area.

So Samantha couldn't wait to see if the $15 device could deliver on the promises.

"I'm curious if it hurts or if it just shaves it and I'm going to have stubble," she wondered.

First she tried it on the hair on her arms. The vibrating blade seemed to remove the hair quickly.

The Finishing Touch says it has micro-oscillating blades that are guaranteed not to cut or pull the skin.

Encouraged, Samantha tried it on her eye brows.

"It's doing pretty good," she said. "It doesn't hurt at all."

The unit has a built in light to help you see what you are cutting and a pivoting head to make it easier to get the right cutting angle.

But Samantha began to see some hairs she could not seem to remove.

"I'm having trouble with this one hair," she said. "I might have to go back and pluck it."

Samantha had even more trouble sculpting her left eye brow and started noticing that she was not getting complete hair removal.

"I still see the stubble on this one," she said. Samantha began to notice more stubble.

Even with help from a friend, Samantha couldn't get perfect results.

"I think I would prefer to spend my money to go get my eyebrows done by a professional," she decided.

While Samantha thought the Finishing Touch is better than a razor and might be helpful for grooming between salon visits, she decided it was not for her.

"For the Finishing Touch by Lumina," she said, "I give it two thumbs down."

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