Try It Review: Cami Secret

10:24 AM, Sep 29, 2010   |    comments
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Cami Secret
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  • ATLANTA -- As a stay at home mom, Erin Casper knows that low cut sweaters and tops are fine most of the time, but not so appropriate at church or school events.

    "When I have a low cut top like this, which I love," she said, "I kind of want to cover when I don't want too much to show."

    The Cami Secret claims it's a new fashion accessory that looks like a camisole and can make your favorite low cut blouse office ready in just seconds.

    For $10 plus shipping and handling you get a set of three in white, black and beige. Other colors are also available.

    The Cami Secret is made of light, breathable fabric with a pretty lace trim. It's hand wash only.

    The one-size fits all accessory just clips to your bra straps. You can raise our lower it depending on the look you want.

    But Erin thought the clips were a little hard to use. "These clips are tricky," she said. Erin also had trouble with getting them to stay clipped. "This has already snapped off."

    Still Erin liked the way it looked with her sweater. "That does look cute," she said, "looks really nice."

    Then Erin changed into a low cut dress. "If I went to work or something in this," she said, "I wouldn't want all this showing."

    So Erin added the black Cami Secret to make the dress more modest.

    But she had some concerns. "It does look a little bit wrinkly. It's not staying straight," she said. "There's not much here to support it and hold it down. So if you move around too much, this could come out."

    Still for the price, Erin thought it's worth having in her wardrobe.

    "For the Cami Secret," she said, "I give it one thumb up."

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