Try It Review: AirCut

10:02 AM, Aug 24, 2010   |    comments
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AirCut Hair Clipper
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  • LOGANVILLE, GA -- Brothers Austin and Andy enjoy playing together in the back yard. At ages six and four they're growing up fast and that includes their hair, meaning lots of visits to the barber.

    Their mom, Amanda Allred, says that can get costly.

    "It's about $12 a haircut and you have to tip too," she said,  "so you tip twice. That can be expensive, especially with how fast the boy's hair grows."

    The AirCut claims it is a money saving, no mess, hair trimmer that gives perfect results every time.

    While it sells for $100, Amanda says if it works it could pay for itself fast.

    "I've got two boys," she said, "and when you go to cut their hair every two weeks in little to no time you spend more than $100."

    After reading over the directions, Amanda attached one of the nine stylers to the AirCut. Stylers come in one-half to four inch lengths.

    The clippers are a bit loud and sound like a combination of clippers and hair dryer.  Amanda reassured Austin that there was nothing to fear.

    "It's just going to feel like I've got a vacuum on your hair," she said.  "Ok?"

    The AirCut sucks the hair up to the blade and deposits the clippings inside so there's no mess and no itchy trimmings on Austin's neck.

    "Oh it's fantastic," said Amanda, "because right about now he'd be 'Mom, I gotta' get in the shower.'"

    There's a tapered styler for the sides, but Amanda wanted a buzz cut so she used the AirCut without the styler. But be careful because that takes a steady hand.

    "It got him a little too close in the back," she said. 

    Still Amanda thought Austin looked great.

    She especially liked how there was no messy hair everywhere. Just hold the AirCut's filter over the thrash can and brush it away.

    "The clean-up is worth it," said Amanda. 

    If you want to trim the side burns or the back of the neck you will still need a set of clippers.

    In less than 20 minutes, Amanda had cut both boy's hair saving her more than $25. 

    The Allred family was unanimous.  "Our rating for the AirCut is two thumbs up."


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