Try It Review: UGlu

11:39 AM, Aug 23, 2010   |    comments
Uglu Adhesive Tape
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  • CARTERSVILLE, GA -- On the TV commercials, all products look amazing. But as we've discovered, sometimes all you get is disappointment.

    UGlu claims it's a powerful adhesive with the convenience of tape.  On TV they even glue the pitchman to the wall with it.

    So we asked Jackson Kariuki along with his son Jeremy and good friend Alex to see if UGlu really can permanently bond to most anything.

    Just like in the commercial, they glued together carpet, metal, plastic, wood, foam, dry wall, tile, brick and iron. Jackson said it really is pretty convenient to use.

    After shaking the stack vigerously everything held together.  Then Jackson asked his son to pull the bottom.  That's when the dry wall tore loose.  Still it was pretty impressive.  

    Then Jackson reglued the dry wall and let everything hang for a while.  After about 20 minutes the brick was starting to come loose, along with the dry wall.

    "The dry wall isn't doing very well," said Jackson.  "You don't want to hang pictures on your dry wall with this one."

    Also in the commercial, metal house numbers are glued to siding and the pitchman turns the pressure washer on.

    Our testers also tried gluing brass numbers to the house. The UGlu didn't work too well on the stone wall.  

    "No it's not going to work," said Jackson. 

    It wouldn't stick to a damp post either.  "Won't stick to wet," Jackson said. 

    But UGlu did hold the numbers to a painted, wood wall.  Jackson blasted them with his power washer and the numbers held.

    UGlu says you can remove it, but Jackson found that's pretty messy.

    "I think it's great," said Jackson.  "There are things you could do with it, some things, but not all things that are suggested in the commercial."

    A 75-piece variety pack of UGlu sells for $10 plus shipping and handling.

    So will Jackson and company stick with UGlu?  After talking it over they gave it one thumb up and one thumb down.

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