Try It Review: Kangaroo Keeper

10:57 AM, Aug 16, 2010   |    comments
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Kangaroo Keeper
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  • Is your purse organized or do you suffer from handbag hassle? Too heavy, too crammed with too much stuff, that's too hard to find.

    Renee McQuilkin knows the problem.  "Everything gets thrown in your purse," she said.

    In fact, she swore off big handbags years ago and tries to make do with a small purse.

    "The big problem I had with big purses was that everything would fall to the bottom," she said, "and it would take forever to find anything."

    And moving everything to a different purse is just a big headache.

    "You have to take it all out, dump it onto the bed, go through it to see what will make it into the new purse," Renee explains, "and then move it to the next purse."

    For $20, plus shipping and handling, the Kangaroo Keeper purse organizer says it can instantly transform the most cluttered bag into a super organized bag.

    Each set comes with a large and smaller organizer.

    Renee tried the smaller size first since she has a small purse.  In a few minutes she had everything in the Keeper and lodged her her purse. 

    Renee was please.  "It's organized," she said, "everything's got it's own little place."

    The Kangaroo Keeper is supposed to make moving everything to a new purse a snap.  Just lift the organizer out and drop it into the next purse.

    But Renee found it can be a little tricky.  She had trouble getting the keeper out of her purse then squeezing it into the next purse. 

    "At first it was a little bit snug and it didn't want to come out," she said, "but once you get the pull on it, it comes out pretty easy.

    Things went a lot smoother with the large organizer.  Renee just lifted the keeper out.  "That was very easy," she said.  And put it another purse.  "That was easy to put into."

    The Kangaroo Keeper says it has a secure spot for over 70 items.

    Renee says it really does work, better for the large organizer than the small one.

    "It holds all the stuff in its own little place and it makes it easy to find things when you go into your purse to get what you need," she said. 

    So is this purse organizer a keeper for Renee?

    "Kangaroo Keeper," she said, "I give two thumbs up."

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