Try It Review: Smushion

1:59 PM, Aug 11, 2010   |    comments
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  • CARTERSVILLE, GA -- When Maina Kariuki gets home after a tough practice with the Cartersville High School football team, he's ready to kick up his feet and take a break. 

    "It's tiring, I'm tired," he said as he put his feet on the family room coffee table.

    But feet on the coffee table are definitely a no-no as far as his mom is concerned.

    Now Relaxation Designs offers the Smushion, a multi-use cushion that promises the ultimate in comfort.  It contains high quality memory foam that's supposed to conform to your body, reducing pressure points.

    Maina liked the way it felt.  "It's nice and soft," he said. 

    The maker claims to have Mom's approval, so now it's okay to put your feet on the coffee table. 

    So Maina set it on the coffee table and stretched out.  "It's comfortable," he said.  "You have to adjust yourself because of the height of the coffee table."

    The nonskid cover is made of machine washable microfiber suede and comes in four different colors. There's even a space to tuck the remote controls into.

    The Smushion is also helpful for lumbar support, knee support and an armrest.

    Maina liked it how it feels behind his back.  "If you have back problems, put it like that because you know you arch your back when you're laying on the couch," he said.  "It feels good."

    The Smushion sells for $35, plus shipping and handling. Right now shipping is free if you buy two.

    While Maina thought the price was a little steep, he said it looked quality and worked well.

    "It's comfortable," he said.  "It's better than just putting your feet on the coffee table."

    So does the Smushion score with this football player?

    "For the Smushion," he said, "I give it just one thumb up."

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