Try It Review: Bike Glow

1:21 PM, Aug 10, 2010   |    comments
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  • CANTON, GA -- Bicycling is a fun and healthy way to get around. No wonder some 45 million Americans regularly ride a bike.

    But when cyclist share the road with cars and trucks, there's always the potential for tragedy, especially when darkness falls.

    Becky Ridings is always concerned when she sees bicyclist after dark.   "The kids, they get caught up here at the pool with their bikes," she said, "and they've got to ride home and usually all you can see is the little reflector on the back and that's not enough."

    While she doesn't normally let her eight year-old daughter, Brooke, ride in the street or at night, we asked them to check out the Bike Glow safety light that is supposed to give you increased visibility in low light and darkness.

    Brooke thought it was a good idea.  "It seems like it would work," she said. 

    Brooke's grandfather helped install the Bike Glow for her. He said it was pretty easy.

    Just attach the power unit under the seat with the velcro strap, then wrap the ten foot light tube around the bike's frame and secure with plastic tape.

    In a few minutes, Brooke's bike was lit up with an aqua glow.

    The lights have three different setting - constant on and slow and fast blinking. 

    It is sold in eight different colors. The whole thing only weighs two ounces.

    Two AA batteries are supposed to power the lights for 120 hours.

    Becky thought it made the bike a lot more visible, especially from the side, increasing the safety.

    Brooke said the Bike Glow had another benefit. "It makes it look cooler," she said. 

    The Bike Glow retails for $25 at REI stores, select bicycle shops and on line.

    Becky and Brooke were in agreement.  "For the Bike Glow," they said, "we rate, two thumbs up."

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