Try It Review: Simoniz Wet/Dry TurboVac

11:27 AM, Aug 9, 2010   |    comments
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Simoniz Wet/Dry TurboVac

GRAYSON, GA -- When the kids get hungry and thirsty, they hit the kitchen. But when they're done, it's time to break out a mop and broom.

Layla Asbury knows the routine.  "Very busy mom of two" she explains, "that make plenty of wet and dry messes all over."

The Simoniz cordless Wet/Dry Turbo Vac claims it's the handy solution for all the messes around your home or car.

Layla likes the sound of that.   "Something handheld and is cordless," she said.  "I think that's very convenient for any busy mom especially."

The $30 unit is powered by rechargeable batteries so there's no cord to hassle with.

It picked spilled cereal right up. There's also an upholstery brush and crevice nozzle to get the grime out of tight spots.

Layla was pleased with how the vacuum got dirt and dust up.  "Yeah, that did it," she said. 

To clean, just empty the dust container in the thrash and rinse it out.

Layla was especially interested in seeing if it can get up wet messes like the soft drink her kids spilled on the kitchen tile.

It did seem to get up liquids, but only holds a couple of ounces and you have to be careful not to tilt the unit so it won't spill as Layla discovered.  "Oh, now it's coming out," she said. 

Layla said it works better with the rubber squeegee attachment, still she has to finish off the spot with a towel.

"It's not as powerful on the wet as it is with the dry," she said. 

While it's not that great for liquids, Layla likes the small, light weight vacuum for it's convenience.

"For the Simoniz Wet/Dry Turbo Vac," she said, "I definitely give it two thumbs up."

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