Try It Review: Kodak Pulse Picture Frame

11:39 AM, Aug 4, 2010   |    comments
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Kodak Pulse Digital Picture Frame
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  • ATLANTA --  As a junior in college, Caitlin Corsetti is making plenty of memories she wants to preserve.

    "I'm in a sorority," she said, "so there's always something to take a picture of."

    Caitlin rarely prints her pictures, instead she views them on her computer or shares them on the social networking site, Facebook.

    Now Kodak is selling the Pulse Digital Picture Frame that claims to make sharing and enjoying your pictures easier than ever.

    The seven inch display works like other digital frames, playing a slide show from its internal memory or a flash drive.  But the Pulse frame lets you wirelessly send photos to it. 

    "The setup's really easy - not really any problem with it, " Caitlin said. 

    There's no software to install.  After connecting the frame to a wi-fi network, Caitlin went to her computer and set up an account at the Kodak Pulse website.

    "It's pretty self-explanatory," she said.  "It talks you through the whole thing."

    At the website you select the pictures on you computer to send to your frame.  You can also link to your Kodak Gallery and Facebook accounts so pictures on those websites automatically appear on the Pulse.

    "If I get tagged in a Facebook picture, it will automatically sync, " Caitlin said.  "Which is kind of cool."

    You also get an e-mail address that anyone can send pictures to.  After taking a group photo with her fellow interns, Caitlin e-mailed it to her frame.

    Ten minutes later, the frame displayed a notice that there were new pictures to be viewed.

    "It think it's neat that it's wireless," Caitlin said, "instead of having to put in a card or connect it to your computer."

    While Caitlin says she prefers looking at pictures on her computer, she thought the Pulse works great.

    "For the Kodak Pulse," she said, "I give it a rating of one thumb up."

    The Kodak Pulse retails for $130.

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