Try It Review: Wow Bacon

1:23 PM, Jul 8, 2010   |    comments
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Wow Bacon Microwave Cooker

Fried bacon for breakfast with all the saturated fat and sodium is one of those guilty pleasures.  But all the trouble and mess have kept us looking for an easier way to cook it.

We've tried a few different microwave cookers like the Bacon Wave and Bacon Genie but nothing's really hit the mark.

Now there's the Wow Bacon that claims to be "the ultimate bacon cooker."

Liz Kariuki bakes her bacon in her toaster oven. She says it turns out great but takes about a half hour before it's ready.

So the Wow Bacon sounded like a quick and easy solution.  "Sure enough it's something I would like to give a shot," she said. 

The Wow Bacon promises to easily cook bacon in the microwave oven with no mess and no need for paper towels.  The gadget is made in the USA and sells for $30 plus shipping and handling.  We've seen it on sale at other retailers like for less than $20.

The instructions are simple. Just load six strips of bacon on the rack and attach the lid. Then lower it into the cup and snap shut.

The directions say to cook the bacon 30 to 45 seconds per slice. So Liz cooked her bacon for about three minutes.

Everything is fully contained so there was no messy splatters.  "My Microwave is intact," she said.  "It's clean, no splashes."

She poured a lot of grease out of the cup.  Grease that drained away from the bacon, perhaps making it less fatty.   

Unfortunately Liz says the bacon doesn't look as appetizing the fried bacon because it was folded over and stuck together.

But what about the taste?  "It's not really the bacon you want to eat," she said.  "It's not crispy, it's tough."

Her son Jeremy also tasted the microwave bacon.  "Toaster oven gets it more crispy and crunchy and stuff, brings out more of the flavor."  "Still," he added, "the microwave bacon is pretty decent."

While the Wow Bacon is quick, no mess, simple clean up and dishwasher safe, is Liz ready to trade off taste for speed and ease?

"For the Wow Bacon," she said, "I give it a thumbs up for convenience and thumbs down for taste."

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