Try It Review: Exergen Temporal Thermometer

8:54 AM, Jul 7, 2010   |    comments
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At Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston quality care is tailored for kids like young Xyzia Weston. When taking her temperature the nurse uses a special thermometer that gives quick, accurate readings.

"Its a lot faster," said Nurse Melissa Crilly.  "Kids don't really mind that you're putting it across their forehead, as much as when you put something under their arm."

Children's uses Exergen's Temporal Artery thermometer that costs hundreds of dollars each.

"It just reads the core artery temperature," explains Melissa.  "So when you run it across it just reads the temperature from the temporal artery"

Now Exergen sells a home version that promises all the advantages of their professional model at a fraction of the price.

Melanie Didier is the mother of two. Her youngest is 15 month-old Sydney.

Melanie says taking a temperature with a rectal or underarm thermometer can be a challenge.

"A lot of times she will wiggle or doesn't want the foreign object under her arm," said Melanie. 

To take a temperature with the Temporal Thermometer you place the unit on the center of baby's forehead, press and hold the scan button, then gently slide across the forehead until you hear the beeping.

You can also take a temperature from the back of the neck below the ear.

Even though you can get a reading in seconds, holding a curious, wiggly baby or toddler can still be a challenge.

We asked nurse Crilly to check if the home model is as accurate as her hospital version.   So she took Xyzia's temperature with both units.  "It's the same," said Melissa. 

Xyzia's mother, Bianca, says even at $30 to $50, the Temporal Thermometer is a worthwhile investment.

"If you don't know if they're sick in the middle of the night, they're asleep, you don't want to wake them up and aggravate them," said Bianca, "run it across their head."

Melanie agrees. She says when your child is sick, speed rules.

"Sydney and I give the temporal thermometer, two thumbs up!"

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