Try It Review: Worx Trimmer/Edger

9:44 AM, Jul 6, 2010   |    comments
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Two-In-One Worx GT Grass Trimmer/Edger
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  • Striving to win the coveted neighborhood "lawn of the month" prize usually means hours of yard work and a garage full of power tools.

    Now the Worx GT Two-In-One Grass Trimmer/Edger promises it can give you a perfectly manicured lawn in a snap.

    Malinda Hollinshead says lawn work is not something she enjoys, but it has to be done. So she's ready to give the Worx Two-In-One a spin.

    Upon opening the box, Malinda thought the assembly was going to be difficult.  But after reading the directions, she found most parts just snapped together. 

    "One screw and you were done putting it together," she said.  "It was pretty easy."

    She liked the idea of a battery operated trimmer - no extension cords or difficult to start gas engine.  It's powered by a long life lithium battery that comes with it's own charger.

    The unit weighs less than six pounds.  A telescopic shaft adjust to the user's height and the cutting head tilts 90 degrees for maximum ease.

    After a few minutes using the trimmer, Malinda was impressed.  "It's easy," she said.  "It's very light weight. It's not vibrating or shaking."

    Malinda especially liked how the Worx GT quickly converts from a trimmer to an edger.

    "Having two gadgets in one was convenient," she said.  "You can go from (trimming) to edging without having to drag out extra machinery."

    Removable wheels support the motor while you edge the lawn. There's also an automatic line feed. Malinda was impressed with all the thoughtful features.

    "Almost fun," she said.  "I couldn't let my husband hear me say that." she laughed. 

    At $150, it's a little pricey, though we've seen it on sale for $120.  Still Malinda says you get a lot for your money.

    "For the Worx Two-In-One," she said, "I give it two thumbs up."

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