Try It Review: Bark Off

8:25 AM, Jun 30, 2010   |    comments
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Bark Off

Zoe is a very protective Sheltie, always on alert for threats real and perceived.

"Zoe is loud," said Zoe's owner, Emily Brooks.  The barking almost seems constant she added.

"She barks all the time at anything and everything," said Emily. 

To stop all the barking, Emily tried giving Zoe extra attention, scolding, even treats.  Still nothing seems to work.

The Bark Off claims it is an ingenious training aid that stops your dog's barking with an ultrasonic signal. 

Emily was skeptical but thought Zoe would be the perfect dog to try it on.  "I can't imagine my dog being quiet for once," she said. 

The set up is simple. Just connect a nine volt battery and turn it on. Then set the bark detection switch to low or high depending on how large an area you want the device to monitor.

Emily placed the device at Zoe's favorite window and waited to see what would happen.  Unfortunately it wasn't long before Zoe began to bark.

"She's still barking," said Emily. 

The ultrasonic sound is supposed to be inaudible to human ears but young people might still be able to hear it.  Emily could. 

"I can hear it going off," she said.  "Sounds like a high pitched sound."

Emily moved the Bark Off to different rooms but it didn't seem to affect Zoe at all.

"The directions said that most cases it should work immediately and it should startle your dog and they'll stop barking," Emily said.  "But Zoe didn't really seem to notice."

The directions say you may have to give your dog several days to see improvement so Emily kept using the Bark Off for more than a week.  But Zoe was unaffected.

"It didn't really look like there was any change whatsoever," said Emily. 

We also tried the Bark Off in a different home with a different dog but it didn't help there either.

Emily said the device was not worth the $10 price tag.  "For the Bark Off," she said, "I give it two thumbs down."

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