Try It Review: Mess Saver Bib

9:27 AM, Jun 29, 2010   |    comments
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Biskys Mess Saver Bib
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  • MCDONOUGH, GA -- 15 month-old Olivia is a baby model who isn't afraid to get messy when she's out of the spotlight. Her mom, Jenny Welch, says it's a hassle keeping this cute toddler clean and ready for the cameras during meal time.

    "Sometimes things miss because there's space over on each side [of the bib] and it falls down under her clothes," Jenny said. 

    Biskys Mess Saver Bib promises to prevent the mess on and below the tray, meaning less stress.  So we asked Jenny and Olivia to try it out.

    Unlike ordinary bibs, the Mess Saver Bib fully covers your baby and the high chair tray for maximum protection.

    First on the menu: carrots and ravioli. Little ones are always dropping finger foods, but there's no problem here because there's no gap between baby and the tray.

    "I didn't have to worry about the mess, so it was helpful," Jenny said. "I didn't have to worry about it going down under her pants, and ruining her pants."

    Things got a lot messier when Olivia had a bowl of yogurt.

    The Mess Saver Bib is stain and water resistant, and it's machine washable. The expandable design adjusts as your baby grows. The price is two for $20, but shipping is an additional $15.

    Jenny thought the bib performed as promised. "I really like it; I think its something I can take and shake out, and wash it when I need to," she said.

    After using the bib for a few days, Jenny decided it was too cumbersome and went back to her original pocket bib for most meals because it was easier to slip on and off.

    But for messy meals like spaghetti and cereal, Jenny says the Mess Saver Bib is a life saver.  

    "Olivia and I give the Biskys Mess Savers Bib two thumbs up," she said. 

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