Try It Review: G Spout

9:38 AM, Jun 28, 2010   |    comments
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G Spout
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  • Sixteen-year-old Tessa does most of the cooking around the Smithmier home according her mom, Claudia.  As in most kitchens pouring batter or straining grease can be a challenge.

    "Spills sometimes, most of the time,"  said Tessa. 

    Claudia said when draining meat over her sink she regularly looses some down the drain.

    The G Spout claims it will fit on any bowl, pot or pan to make pouring and straining simple and easy. Made with food grade silicone, it withstands temperatures up to 450 degrees.

    The gadget can also be used as a spoon rest right on the pan.

    "Looks kind of weird," said Claudia as she laughed.

    So Claudia and Tessa agreed to see if this gadget's worth $20 plus shipping and handling for a set of two.

    First they whipped up a batch of tasty cupcakes. Attaching the G Spout to the bowl was simple and it seemed to really make pouring the batter a lot easier.

    "I like it," said Tessa.  "It's way easier than having to worry about batter going everywhere."

    Meanwhile Tessa's mom browned a pound of ground beef. Draining off hot grease can be tricky but G Spout's strainer seemed like the perfect solution. That is until Claudia tried to drain off the last little bit.  As she leaned the bowl over the G Spout popped off and the ground beef fell out.

    "There it goes," said Claudia.  "It didn't work so good with the meat. Maybe the meat was heavy and it knocked it off."

    The maker of the G Spout says that heavy foods can push it off the pan and suggests that you hold it with a spoon and drain over a colander.

    Claudia and Tessa thought the G Spout worked well for pouring batter.  But didn't think they would trust it on heavier foods like meats and pasta.

    "Our mother daughter rating for the G Spout," said Tessa, "is one up, one down."

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