Try It Review: Shark Sweeper VX1

9:46 AM, May 24, 2010   |    comments
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Shark VX1 Cordless Sweeper

Tired of dragging out your full size vacuum cleaner when all you have is a quick pick-up.

Cordless sweepers have been popular with our testers but sell for $40 and up. So when we saw the Shark VX1 Cordless Sweeper going for less than $30 dollars at we wondered how it would stack-up.

Janice agreed to check it out.  She liked how it picked up the dirt and dust.  "It is amazing how it works," she said. 

This is Shark's bottom of the line unit that costs less than half of the top end VX3. Just plug it into an outlet to charge it up and you're really to go.

The sweeper weighs less than four pounds and is pretty quiet. It works on tile, wood, carpet, most any surface.

"It's amazing how powerful this is," Janice said. "This is the best little invention that does not cost a lot of money and saves a lot of time and aggravation."

The unit has swivel steering and a back-saver handle for hard to reach places.

While this model doesn't have the no-touch cleaning feature, Janice didn't seem to mind.  "Look at the dust," she said.  "This was clean before I did it."

The batteries promise 30 minutes of cleaning time. Janice says it's never run out of juice on her.

"The best thing about the Shark is that it's cordless is number one.  You just have to plug it in and charge it and away you go," she said. "And you can use it on any surface."

Remember the Shark cordless sweeper is not a vacuum cleaner. But as an easy alternative to a broom and dust pan.

What does Janice think?  "Definitely two thumbs up."

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