Try It Review: HeelTastic

12:18 PM, May 6, 2010   |    comments
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  • When warmer weather arrives we want to break out those cute sandals and open heel slip-ons. But it's not so cute if you have . . . shall we say a problem.  "Dry, cracked heels is the problem," Sheila said, "worse in the summer time but it's bad all year round."

    Sheila has tried everything to help her dry, cracked and sore heels.

    HeelTastic claims it is intensive heel therapy that will make dry, cracked heels disappear quickly and easily.

    Sheila thought it sounded like the answer to her prayers.   "According to the commercials you see it is miraculous and the dry, cracked heels are gone with in days I would think," she said. 

    Sheila is a real trooper testing this for us on television.

    HeelTastic sells for $10 in stores and on-line. It's made with all natural waxes and oils and is easy to use, just roll it right on your heel.

    "It's glossy so it looks like it's working but you can still, if you look close, you can see lots of cracks,' Sheila said.  "So it's very deceiving as far as it goes."

    It was not a very good first impression, but Sheila agreed to keep trying HeelTastic for a few weeks until she formed her  opinion.

    We checked back a few weeks later for Sheila's final word.  "Not really, I'm kind of disappointed. I thought for sure it would be better and it was slightly better, slightly," she said.  "But not anything like I expected."

    Better, but not good enough. Sheila gives HeelTastic two thumbs down.

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