Try It Before You Buy It: Plate Caddy

8:08 AM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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Plate Caddy
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  • ATLANTA -- Ever lose your meal to those flimsy paper plates? Carla Batiste says juggling a picnic lunch makes her sometimes wish she had an extra arm.

    "Really what happens, you put your glass down somewhere," she said, "and you don't know whose is whose."

    The Plate Caddy claims it will hold your plate, beverage and utensils so your other hand will be free. This plastic device is supposed to easily hold any standard size paper, foam or plastic plate.

    Right away, Carla thought it looked promising.

    "A lot of stability, real control," she said.  "That's good support."

    So we threw a little luncheon for the ladies to see how the Plate Caddy performs in a real life test. Hot dogs, baked beans, pasta salad and soft drinks . . . would you really want a crowd dining on this in your living room?

    "I like it because it's really stable,"  Carla said.  "It's easy to hold and you really feel comfortable. It's convenient."

    The caddy has a place to store your fork, spoon and knife, even your napkin. Standing and eating has never been easier.

    "This is cool," Carla said.  "This is nice."

    A set of eight sells for $15 plus shipping and handling. But it is reusable and even dishwasher safe.

    "I could see me with the kids outside," said Carla.

    So after finishing up their luncheon without a single spill, Carla and her friends were ready to cast their vote.

    "For the Plate Caddy, girls what do you think?" asked Carla.  Her friends were unanimous: "Thumbs up."

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