Try It Review: Fasta Pasta

10:59 AM, May 4, 2010   |    comments
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Fasta Pasta
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  • Boiling water for your favorite pasta, rice and veggies isn't the toughest task in the kitchen. But if you don't watch it and stir it your food can stick and even boil over.

    Retired school employee Betty Blanks shared her secret, one we had never heard, for cooking pasta.  "I use a wooden spoon in my pasta after I put it in the pan so it won't boil over," she said. 

    Fasta Pasta promises to cook your pasta without the wooden spoon and no stirring, no sticking and no boil over.  It retails for $13 plus shipping and handling.  There is also a cook book for $8 more.

    Betty enjoys cooking on the stove and doesn't believe in microwave cooking.  So she was leery of the Fasta Pasta.   

    "I'm not going to waste my money," she said. "If I don't think it's going to be right, I won't buy it."

    First Betty made the tricolor spiral salad that looked easy enough.  Add the pasta to the cooker, fill up to the line with water and cook for ten minutes.  Betty used the time to mix up the rest of the ingredients without worrying about her pasta overcooking.

    Then she shirred the pasta and cooked seven more minutes until it was done.  The cooker comes with a handy top to drain the water, not that there was much water to drain.  "Cooked it right out," Betty said. 

    Then mix everything up and eat.  "The recipe is very good," she said. 

    Betty also made regular spaghetti.  The top has a measuring guide so you can make two to four servings.  Betty liked how she didn't have to worry about guessing.  "I didn't have to worry about the water," She said.

    She also liked the convenience of not having to drain off large pots of water.  Rinsing the pasta was easy with the drains built right into the lid. 

    "Everything went one, two, three," she said. "I could use that."

    Did we change Betty's mind about microwave cooking?  "For the Fasta Pasta I give it two thumbs up."

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