Try It Review: Shake Weight

10:48 AM, Jun 24, 2010   |    comments
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Shake Weight
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  • Celebrity personal trainer, Dolvett Quince is the owner of Body Sculptor in Buckhead.  The motto there is "changing lives one rep at a time."

    Dolvett's seen all the pop diets and workout gadgets but says getting that sculpted body comes down to healthy eating and exercise.  "There's a lot of things on the market right now that are all hype and no results," he said. 

    One of the hottest new exercise products is the Shake Weight.  It claims to be a revolutionary dumbbell created specifically for women featuring dynamic inertia to tone the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest in just six minutes a day.

    Ellen Degeneres got big laughs when she featured the Shake Weight on her show.  But later Ellen said it really did seem to work and gave one to everyone in her studio audience.

    Dolvett's a lot less impressed with the Shake Weight and can't believe this two and a half pound weight will do much good.   "I mean I do feel some tension," he said.  "But it's just not enough impact bring forth results."

    Amy White thinks her arms could use a little toning.  "It's just not firm," she explained.  "It's a little jiggle."  

    So she agreed to see if the Shake Weight really can help.  Dolvett took some initial measurements of Amy's arms and chest.

    Amy worked out with the Shake Weight for six minutes a day for six weeks doing the exercises recommended in the instruction book.   Then we checked back.

    Unfortunately Amy didn't see much difference in her arms.  Dolvett didn't see much difference either.

    "If someone starting out and their a novice, if they're starting out and they've never done these things before, the Shake Weight is not the answer to sculpt and shape your body," Dolvett said. 

    Amy decided to shake off the shake weight and go back to her normal work out.  "For the shake weight," Amy said, "my rating is two thumbs down."  

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