Try It Review: Cyber Clean

11:07 AM, Apr 22, 2010   |    comments
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Cyber Clean
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  • Imagine more than two and a half million bacteria on your keyboard, half a million on your cellphone. Just wiping your electronic devices clean is not enough.

    We checked with one of our webmasters, Eve Chen, to see how she stays ahead of the germs.  "I think it's sanitary," Eve said looking at her keyboard, "okay, I see a few crumbs."

    So we asked Eve to to check out Cyber Clean to see if it can deep clean all of her hi-tech gadgets.  It claims it can "penetrate the tightest areas, pulling out dirt, dust and killing germs in seconds."

    Cyber Clean is advertised as the only cleaning compound that can reach inside all those difficult to reach places and remove the dirt and grime on contact.

    Eve pressed it on her keyboard and pulled the "Play Dough" like substance back. "Well it still got some stuff, hair and dust," Eve said, "ugh!

    Does it really get into the cracks and crevices?  "Didn't quite get everything," Eve said.  "There's still some particles I see."

    Eve thought the product was more difficult to use than it appears on the commercial.  "It was kind of hard," she said. "Like you kind of had to actually push it down. It wasn't just laying it over gently. I had to put all my weight down on it. And you pull it off and sometimes you have to do it again because it didn't pull everything up."

    There's a meter on the side to let you know when Cyber Clean loses its cleaning capacity.  "It works but I think that it's only a little bit better than the wipes," Eve said. 

    But she didn't like how you reuse the Cyber Clean even though the dirt, hair and dust was embedded in the compound.  "You use the wipes and then you throw them away," she said, "so you don't have to keep spreading that around."

    Is Cyber Clean on Eve's list of cyber must haves?  "I'm going to give it a down," she said, "Cyber Clean's a down."  

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