Try It Review: Ninja Master Prep

10:03 AM, Apr 16, 2010   |    comments
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Ninja Master Prep Blender and Food Processor

Rose Wing is a respected attorney better know for her skills in the courtroom than in the kitchen.  So we asked her to check out the Ninja Master Prep blender and food processor to see if it can really help anyone prepare delicious meals and snacks. 

"So if I can do this and it's likable," Rose said, "anyone can do it."

The Ninja Master Prep claims it is a revolutionary machine that will "instantly unleash your culinary power" and will help anyone easily prepare hundreds of foods like a master chef.

So Rose studied the directions and set out to see if the Ninja's super-hardened steel blades can really handle all your chopping, blending and processing.

First up, she made snow cones. Shaving ice is a challenge for any appliance.  After adding four cups of ice, Rose attached the motor to the top cover and began pulsing.  At first appearance the ice looked snowy and smooth.

"I think it does pretty good," said Rose.  But after putting on the syrup, we discovered the snow wasn't as soft as it looked and had a number of large chunks of ice mixed in.  "I have a few chunks," Rose said 

Then she tried the smoothie recipe - ice, yogurt, banana, and milk.  It was pretty thin at first, but after experimenting we got the right consistency by adding more ice and yogurt. 

The recipe was not very good and it tasted bland.  Also the drink was kind of crunchy.  "Smoothie still had a few pieces of ice," Rose said, "wasn't very smooth."

Finally a guacamole dip in the small "prepare and serve" bowl. It was a tight fit getting the avacado, onion, tomato, and cilantro in but it turned out great.  "This is good," Rose said. 

The Ninja retails for $100, although we paid less than half for ours.  For that price Rose was surprised at all the plastic parts that began to melt during our first use.

A plastic seal and this gear both melted. Some of it, in our food!

"I would have thought this motor part would have had metal right here," Rose said, "and would have been a little more durable."

So what's our attorney's verdict for the Ninja Master Prep?  "Two thumbs down." 

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