Try It Review: Rapid Lash

10:37 AM, May 25, 2010   |    comments
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Rapid Lash. Courtesy:
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  • Dee Waters teaches science at Alton C. Crews Middle School in Lawrenceville. The students in her gifted class are some of her best and brightest.

    While they have never said anything, Mrs. Waters is self-conscious about her eyelashes.  "I feel like I have very stubby lashes," she said. 

    Mrs. Waters looked into prescription eyelash lengthener, Latisse, but didn't want to shell out the $150 a month tab plus doctors visits.

    Then she heard about the over-the-counter alternative Rapid Lash on TV and checked it out.  "It was about $50 for a package," she said, "and I said you know I'm not sure that $50 on a teacher's salary just to try something out was a good thing, so I looked on 11Alive."

    So Mrs. Waters agreed to be the test subject for Rapid Lash in her student's real life science project.  "Science is about real life," she said.  "So they see things on TV all the time and you know it's always the best thing ever. And so I want them to be able to look at commercials with a critical eye."

    Rapid Lash claims it can thicken and improve lashes and brows with its high performance formula.  It sells for about $50, although we have seen it sale for less than $30 for the .1 oz bottle.

    After defining their objective, the class went about putting what they had learned into practice.   Eight grade student Reed Champion said "first we started with a baseline test and we checked the length of Mrs. Waters, our teacher's eyelashes."

    So they measured Mrs. Waters' lashes.  "Seven millimeters," Reed said.  Then they snapped some before pictures.

    Mrs. Waters applied the Rapid Lash every night before going to bed for the four to six weeks.  Then we checked back.

    The students did measure three millimeters of growth, that's about one tenth of an inch.

    "You can see a growth," said Reed.  "It's not as much as I expected and it showed on the commercial."

    Mrs. Waters said she doesn't see any difference. Although we can see a little growth in looking at the before and after pictures.

    Still for $50 and a six week effort, Mrs. Waters was unimpressed.  "I would have to give it a rating of two thumbs down."

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