Try It Review: Cell Phone Wallet

10:05 AM, Apr 13, 2010   |    comments
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Cell Phone Wallet

Sue Alexander has never been one to pack light when it comes to her purse.  "Cosmetics, Kleenex, sunglasses," she said, "gosh you name it?"  She even discovered a copy of the Declaration of Independence tucked away among everything.

The Cell Phone Wallet claims it is the biggest little organizing wallet that will hold all of your essentials so that you can leave that heavy purse at home or in the car.  We paid $10 for it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

"It is a tiny thing," Sue said.  She admits she probably wouldn't have taken a second look at it in the store, but agreed to see if it really could help lighten her load.

"There are all kinds of pockets," she said.  "They have a pocket for your change."

The Buxton wallet has genuine leather exterior, with seven accordion style pockets to hold credit cards, cash, IDs and other essentials.  Sue was surprised at all the things she could squeeze in this small wallet.

There's a compartment with a magnetic clasp for your cell phone, camera or MP3 player and hooks to hold your key chain. It comes with a belt loop, shoulder strap and wrist strap. Sue thought it could work as your main wallet that you keep in your purse.

"You know everything would be in one place and you could just pick it out of there and not drag your big purse in all the time," she said.  "That's kind of a neat idea."

So what's Sue rating for the Cell Phone Wallet?  "I think it's a great thing," she said, "two thumbs up."

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