Try It Review: Emery Cat

2:06 PM, Mar 31, 2010   |    comments
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Emery Cat

Hank and Nikki are Bridget Sanders' pet cats that she rescued from a shelter. To show their appreciation the pair have shredded Bridget's expensive Henredon couch and chair.

They have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, even though Bridget provided them with scratching posts.  She tried trimming their nails but the two felines won't allow it.

"We don't have the heart to declaw them because they do go outside," Bridget said, "but they are kind of ornery they've done a lot of damage."

The Emery Cat claims it will file your cat's claws naturally so you won't have to.  It sells in stores and on-line for $20.   "If it works," Bridget said, "it's worth a lot more than $20."

The Emery Cat comes with a toy and cat nip to attract your pet to the board.  Bridget let Hank try it first.  While he was wild about the cat nip, he only scratched on it a little and then stopped abruptly.

"I don't know if he likes it," Bridget said.   Hank seemed like he didn't like the feel of the patented honeycomb surface with its emery board texture.

Bridget hoped she might have better luck with Nikki.   "Come on Nick, scratch," she said.  Unfortunately Nikki seemed even less interested in the Emery Cat than Hank.

The directions say to give your pet a week to warm up to the scratcher. So we left it with Bridget and checked back later. 

All week, Bridget tried in vain to get her cats to use the scratcher.  She had added cat nip, played with the toy and put it in different rooms.  Unfortunately nothing seemed to work.

"They like the toy and they like the cat nip," she said, "but they have not shown any interest in scratching on this board at all."

As for the cat's nails, Bridget hadn't seen any improvement.  "One of my cats got me the other day and her claws felt just as sharp as they usually do," she said. 

We also tried the Emery Cat with two felines in a different home with the same results.  The cats never wanted to scratch on the Emery Cat board.

Bridget's rating?  "I have to give it a two thumbs down." 

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