Try It Review: Pet Hair Magnet

10:30 AM, Mar 30, 2010   |    comments
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Pet Hair Magnet

With two cats and a dog, Bridget Sanders is always doing battle with pet hair. "The cats like to sleep on the cushions and on the chairs," she said, "and the dog has the run of the house so she leaves a lot of pet hair around on the carpet."

She vacuums once a week but that really doesn't get up the hair. Bridget's tried everything including those sticky lint rollers. Sometimes it just seems like a lost cause.

"When we have guests over it can be a little embarrassing for them to sit down on a cushion that's full of pet hair," she said. 

The Pet Hair Magnet by Petmate sells for about $10 and looks kind of like a small squeegee. Bridget couldn't see it really working but she was ready to try anything.

So Bridget began to slide the device over a seat cushion.  "Actually this is working," she said.  As you brush, it rolls the hair into balls that you just pick up with your fingers.

Then she checked to see if the seven inch blade could get the hair out of tight crevices.  "It's getting in the holes," Bridget said. "It's working."

The Pet Hair Magnet works on vehicle interiors, upholstered furniture, draperies and carpeting.   "It cleaned this little carpet up pretty good," Bridget said. 

The patent-pending tool is supposed to remove embedded hair from fabrics that vacuuming doesn't get.   "This cushion looks much better,"  Bridget said. 

Bridget liked how she can use the Pet Hair Magnet over and over, unlike those one-use lint rollers. After a few minutes, Bridget had a hand full of hair that she had gotten up.

"I like it. I think it would be something I would use," she said. 

To clean, just wipe the blade with a wet soapy cloth. While it didn't get everything, Bridget was impressed.   Her rating?  "Two thumbs up."


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