Try It Review: Crazy Critters

10:14 AM, Mar 29, 2010   |    comments
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Crazy Critters Stuffing Free Dog Toy

Dogs love their stuffed toys.  But if your dog is like three year old Murphy, who weights about 60 pounds, keeping him supplied with plush toys can cost you hundreds of dollars because they don't last more than a day. Murphy goes right for the stuffing and the squeaker.

Jason Becknell, Murphy's owner, said his dog never damages the furniture so he tries to keep his pet entertained with toys.
"But if we give him soft toys it makes a mess," he said, "and toys are expensive. You buy him a new fluffy toy from the pet store and he tears it up in five minutes." 

That makes Murphy is the perfect tester for the Crazy Critters. The stuffing free toy is supposed to stand up to the toughest, roughest dog and provide hours of safe, healthy fun. So we gave Murphy the racoon toy to see if it's indestructible. 

Jason played tug-of-war with his pet and the toy's reinforced fabric seemed tough.  "That's pretty good," Jason said.  "That's pretty strong. Don't you think that's strong Murphy?"

The Crazy Critters sell in stores and on-line for $10.  Internet sellers give you two for your ten bucks, but charge $14 for shipping and handling.  The toy is 24 inches long and has two squeakers, one in the head and one in the tail.  The toy is also machine washable.

For that kind of money Jason has high expectations.  "If he can't destroy it," he said, "I'd be impressed and maybe he'd have a new toy."

However after about 20 minutes, Murphy had bitten through one of the squeakers and chewed off the racoon's face.  "You can see he tore the face off to get one squeaker out," Jason said. 

After an hour of play, Murphy had destroyed his new toy.  The tail was ripped in half, the face torn off and both squeakers pulled out.

So what's Jason's and Murphy's rating?  Jason said his dog is unusually hard on toys so he gave the Crazy Critters the benefit of the doubt.  "Pretty fun had two squeakers. We'll give it one thumbs up for that," he said, "but as you can see it didn't work for Murphy. So thumbs down."

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