Try It Review: Kitchen Plus 2000

9:17 AM, Mar 23, 2010   |    comments
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Kitchen Plus 2000

Wouldn't it be great to have one tool in your kitchen that can perform a lot of tasks?  A gadget that can cut, chop, julienne, slice, grate and blend.  The Kitchen Plus 2000 is supposed to help make meal preparation a snap with heavy duty blades that cut ten to twenty times faster than by hand.

"It's a lot of pieces," said Nicole Mejia.  "It kind of scares me because I'm like 'am I doing it right?'"

We asked Nicole to help us put the Kitchen Plus 2000 to the test. First on the menu, the breakfast morning energizer. She has three kids, ages two, six and ten. The freshly squeezed orange juice and banana blend would make a healthy start to their morning.

After squeezing three oranges on the juicer attachment, Nicole pureed the banana in the blender.  This is a totally manual device, no electric motor, so be prepared to do everything by hand.

The resulting drink was fresh and sweet.  "Umm, not bad," Nicole said.  It was a little chunky though. 

Our next test, hash browns.  First you have to peel and chop up the potatoes so they fit in the chopping bowl.  Then start turning the crank.  "It's chopping something," Nicole said, "a little."

So after spinning and checking and spinning, the potatoes finally chopped after a few minutes, a little mushy, but not bad.   "I'm impressed," Nicole said. 

The Kitchen Plus 2000 is supposed to be unsurpassed at making salsa. So Nicole added tomatoes, onion, garlic, cilantro, jalapeno and lemon juice and started cranking.  

"Okay, there we go," Nicole said as she cranked the chopper.  She cranked some more.  "That onion does not want to chop up," she said.  And cranked some more.  "Whew," she said, "take a break."

Nicole thought all the cranking was too much work.  Then after five minutes of cranking the onions were finally chopped up.  "The tomato is like tomato juice now," Nicole said.  "It's not nice and chunky tomatoes."

Even though Nicole followed the directions the results were disappointing.  She said if she were to try again, she would chop up the onions first and add the tomatoes last.

So what's Nicole's rating for this tool that's supposed to be a must have in your kitchen?  "My rating for the Kitchen Plus 2000 is two thumbs down."

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