Try It Review: Tobi Quick Travel Steamer

9:51 AM, Mar 22, 2010   |    comments
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Tobi Quick Travel Steamer

When it come to pressing your cloths there aren't many alternatives to a good iron. Lori Salata is a wife and mom to two kids who wants to make sure that everyone looks loved. 

"I don't like to iron but I do it," she said.  "I hate to iron."

The Tobi Quick Travel Steamer claims it's a fast alternative to breaking out the iron for removing wrinkles and odors at home or on the road.

This light weight hand steamer holds about three ounces of water.  You can use tap but they recommend distilled or de-mineralized to extend the life of the unit.

The unit warmed up in a minute or so, then Lori tried it on her daughter's denim pants. The results weren't bad and it didn't take very long.  "Looks good," she said. 

The steamer also did a good job of freshening up her husband's shirt and getting out the wrinkles. 

"It definitely won't replace your iron," Lori said, "but getting something out of the drawer for the kids in the morning that's all wrinkled just a quick steam."

The Tobi Quick comes with an upholstery brush and a lint removing brush.  There is also a measuring cup and a cleaning brush.

To check out the lint brush attachment, Lori tried it on a new black shirt that accidently was washed and dried with a new white towel.  Admittedly that was a pretty bad case, but Lori said the brush did seem to help.  

"It is coming off though," she said.  "There's just so much of it but look."  Lori said the lint brush would be helpful in most cases.  "If you had a little bit of lint," she said, "I mean my shirt was an extreme case but it did take some of it off."

The Tobi Quick retails for $25, it usually goes for $20 but we scored it on sale for less than $15.

For a light weight travel steamer, Lori was pleased.  "It shocked me as a matter of fact," she said.  "I didn't think something like that could get the wrinkles out of kids pants."

The box says "fast, easy, safe."  Lori said she believes it.   "For the Tobi Quick Travel Steamer, I give it two thumbs up."

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