Try It Review: Perfect Fit Button

12:50 PM, Mar 17, 2010   |    comments
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Perfect Fit Button

Can't wear your favorite pair of pants because you've gained or lost a few pounds? April Carlisle knows all about it. Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily move the button over an inch or so?   Now there's the Perfect Fit Button that claims you can add a button in seconds with no sewing to add or reduce inches to any pants.

"It's kind of like a stick pin, like you put on a lapel, a lapel pin," April said.  For $10 you get a set of eight buttons in different styles for jeans, khakis or dress pants. You just push the stick pin through the waist band and attach the locking cap. April thought it was pretty simple.   You adjust the waist of your pants by the placement of the new button.

April recently lost some weight, so she used the Perfect Fit Button to make her jeans a little tighter.  After wearing the pants with the Perfect Fit Button for an hour, April said it was comfortable and didn't seem like it was going anywhere.  But when she tried tucking her shirt in, the button popped out on it's own.  So you might want to be careful when wearing this.  

Still April thought the Perfect Fit Button worked well and could come in handy when her pants or skirt just doesn't fit quite right.   She also said it might be good for her 12 and 14 year-old kids who are always outgrowing their pants.  Her rating?  "For the Perfect Fit Button, I give it thumbs up."

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