Try It Review: StaePut

10:28 AM, Mar 16, 2010   |    comments
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  • Forrest Myers enjoys cooking on his outdoor grill. But transporting the LP tank back and forth for a fill-up can make for some scary moments if you haven't secured the tank well enough.   "That's probably one of the most difficult things is to get a tank secure so it will not roll around," said Forrest. 

    Now a LaGrange, Georgia man, David Howard, is marketing the StaePut, a universal locking base to keep LP tanks and more in place. For $20 plus shipping and handling you get the plastic base with five adjustable arms.   "Each of these comes out and adjusts to the size of the container you're trying to secure," Forrest said. 

    Forrest assembled the StaePut in the back of his SUV, placed his LP tank inside and tightened up the brackets. It was pretty easy after getting the hang of it.  Forrest thought it looked like it would work.  "I don't see how even going around a curve at a high rate of speed that would turn over,"  he said. 

    To make sure, Forrest took his SUV for a spin around the neighborhood. Even after several sharp turns the LP tank didn't budge.   "It's very secure," he said.   The StaePut adjusts to hold many different containers.  You sure don't want your gas can to tip over in your car.   Forrest tried the StaePut with a five gallon gas can and found it worked well.

    What about when to take your crock pot or a casserole dish to a pot luck? The StaePut adjusts to hold it tight.   "It's not going anywhere," Forrest said.  It also could work with potted plants.  The possibilities are endless. The StaePut is presently sold on-line and at select Ace Hardware Stores in the La Grange area.

    So what does Forrest have to say about the StaePut?  "I'd give it a thumbs up."

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