Try It Review: YoshiBlade

12:11 PM, Mar 9, 2010   |    comments
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YoshiBlade Ceremic Knife
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  • Making fresh healthy food for her family is important to Sinead Cochran. Her husband is a big fan of her Mexican dishes.  But that means a lot of preparation.  "Lot of chopping and cutting," she said.

    The YoshiBlade ceramic knives are made of zirconium oxide and are supposed to hold the edge longer than steel knives and never rusts.   The seller guarantees it will stay sharp for life.  "It doesn't feel sharp at all," Sinead said she touched the edge.  She was skeptical but agreed to do some slicing with it.

    Tomatoes are always a challenge if your knife is not razor sharp.   Sinead was impressed with the first slice.  "Oh Wow," she said.  "I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with this.  Look how thin."  The knife allowed her to cut very thin slices of tomatoes.  Then she tried an onion.   "Easy," she said. "This is fabulous. I'm liking this."   Then a pineapple.   "It's easy."   A dull knife will just crush a loaf of bread.  But Sinead had no problem with the YoshiBlade.  "This is awesome," she said.  Sinead said cutting up a turnip for soup is almost impossible with her regular knifes.  Once again the YoshiBlade made it easy. 

    For $20 dollars plus $17 shipping and handling you get two YoshiBlades and two ceramic vegetable peelers.   The directions say you should only cut on plastic or wood cutting boards.  You are not supposed to use the YoshiBlade for frozen food, hard cheese or meat with bones. And it's not dishwasher safe, hand wash only with mild soap.

    Sinead said the peeler was a great kitchen tool also.  "I love this peeler," she said.  "I probably have 15 peelers in my house but not one that works has as good as this."

    Sinead was sold on the YoshiBlade and peeler.   She believed it would be a great time saver.  "I give it two thumbs up."

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