Try It: Handy Headrest Hanger

3:06 PM, Mar 4, 2010   |    comments
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The Original Handy Headrest Hanger
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  • Hanging your cloths on the rear seat hanger in your car often means your vision is blocked.  The Original Headrest Hanger says it can fix all that.  We review it before you buy it.

    Judy Haley-Myers is always on the go and has laundry to pick up at the dry cleaners at least once a week. One of her pet peeves is hanging cloths that block her vision.  "I have trouble seeing driving anyway," she said, "and then when you have something obstructing your view it's terrible."

    The Original Handy Headrest Hanger says it gives a safe alternative to using the car coat rack by letting you store your cloths behind your seat instead of in the window.   Judy thought it just might work.  The U.S. made hanger sells on-line for $20 plus shipping and handling. Judy was able to attach it to her headrest in less than a minute.   "It was easy to put on and easy to adjust," she said. 

    Then Judy moved her cloths out of the window and hung it on the two "D" rings of the Handy Headrest.   "I have great vision and that would help me if I'm backing up," she said.  But even though Judy drives an SUV, her cloths were now dragging on the floor. Her shirts a little and her coat a lot. It also took up what could be seating space.   "The part that I don't like about it, your cloths drag," she said.  "The other part I don't like, you couldn't add some grandchildren or children in the back seat. You have limited seating."

    The Handy Headrest Hanger could be helpful for convertibles or when driving with your windows down. So what's Judy's rating?  
    "I would give it a thumbs up and a thumbs down. I like the fact that my vision's not blocked in the back seat but I don't like the fact that my cloths drag on the ground."

    The folks that sell the Handy Headrest Hanger are now offering reduced shipping of only $2.50 per unit.  Just go to their website at 

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