Try It Review: EZ Cracker

10:44 AM, Mar 1, 2010   |    comments
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EZ Cracker. Courtesy: As Seen On TV Video
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  • The EZ Cracker claims it can crack eggs, separate the whites and strip shells from hard boiled eggs in seconds with no mess and no fuss.  We review it before you buy it.

    Maureen Cochran knows her way around a kitchen. She's cracked many an egg over the years.  But even Maureen can't keep her hands clean.  "It gets a little messy when you have that egg all over your fingers," she said, "and I'm real particular about that."

    For 20 bucks plus shipping and handling, the EZ Cracker claims it will make breaking eggs easy.  "Feels good," Maureen said.  "It's got a nice grip."  The directions were easy enough. Just pop the egg into the cradle and squeeze the handle.  And sure enough our egg was in a bowl and the egg shell was ready to throw away.  "Wow! Look at that," Maureen said.  "That's so cool."   It was pretty easy and a little fun, perhaps something your children could do under proper supervision.  "That's very good," Maureen said.   

    But she wasn't nearly as impressed with the egg separator.   It is an extra strainer that you attach under the EZ Cracker.  Maureen had trouble getting the white to strain though it, even accidently dropping the yoke into her bowl of egg whites.  We never could remove the shells from the boiled eggs with out damaging them.   "For the boiled egg," she said, "I'd have to take a pass on that."

    The set also comes with the EZ Scrambler that's supposed to scramble the egg right in the shell. But piercing the egg with the needle sharp wire made Maureen nervous. And the results were disappointing, Maureen's egg was only partially scrambled.

    Neither the EZ Scrambler or the EZ Cracker are dishwasher safe, they're hand wash only. So is Maureen egg-cited about this new kitchen gadget?   "My rating for the EZ Scrambler would have to be two thumbs down. Just did not do it," she said.  "My rating for the EZ Cracker would be two thumbs up."

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